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I was there. 8/13/09, 4/6/13 CT, 4/7/13 Brooklyn
American Idiot Musical 2/27/11
♥Green Day ♥My Chemical Romance ♥H.I.M. ♥Avenged Sevenfold ♥Hawthorne Heights ♥Blink-182 ♥The Used ♥The Sick Puppies ♥Nickelback ♥Panic! At The Disco ♥The Killers
My name is Angie and Green Day is my life. I have been a huge fan for about 9 years now. I am 23 years old and I live in Nebraska. ♥
Welcome to my Tumblr!
"I'm the son of rage and love." ♥
"Nobody's perfect and I stand accused. For lack of a better word and thats my best excuse." ♥

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